Kasaba Meydanı


The Window of Sav Opening Up To The World



As can be understood from our adress, here exists Sav Kasabasi. You can find many things such as various information about it, photos , news etc. from our site. If you ask yourselves the questions " Why have I come to this adress, Why should I have come here?", Let us inform you that www.savkasabasi.com is an ambiance in which Sav’s people come together, share the useful information in favour of the town, talk and communicate.


If you want to know Sav more, you can firstly  visit the presentation part. Because , we arranged a lot of information in this part for the sake of our town as a result of a comprehensive research.Morever, You can visit the photo gallery and see the photos our members have shared with you.Our photos given under the titles " views from the town, townspeople, the elder and Sav sport are able to illustrate many things that words are unable to express.We leave the remainder to your curiosity. You can delve into the content of the site in relation to your interest. try to see as many places as possible by clicking and surfing. Because, you can see a different beauty of our town in each part.


If you are from Sav, We have some more to tell you beside the above-mentioned things.Let's continue. Wherever you are , we wait for those who can get access to internet to our site. We wish that our site which has been developing with collective work just like in the ancient times  makes a great contribution to our unity , togetherness and communication between us. As of 23 st of July, 2009 with its 380 registered members from four sides of Turkey, Our adress takes its place on the internet. In addition to those who can get to our site on the net in our town,  We wish that our site where Sav's people who either study or work outside the town meet  not to be spoilt.


The content of the site can not be underestimated now. This takes a share of each member who has contributed as far as possible. We thank them each one by one.

If you are from Sav, do not wait in this page further, the content is full of the beauties of our town. The one who sees good things thinks good things. The one who sees good things takes pleasure from his life. How happy we are if we can add some pleasure to your life as much as a web site can.