Are you trying to buy fertiliser for palm plants in Malaysia? Or are you searching for the best soil to plant your palm oil trees? Well, whatever that is, do you have any idea how much compost could help you in producing healthy crops for your plantation? Yup. Compost will bring you 1001 benefits, plus, it can easily be found!

Firstand foremost, compost is capable of making any soil easier to work with. This is because it brings a variety of life to the soil, ranging from microbes, fungus, all kind of insects and the utmost important, worms. This will definitely support the healthy growth of your palm oil. Talking about the diverse life in compost, the bacteria actually help to break downorganic substances and nitrogen into nutrients for the palm.

Apart from that, the aforementioned organisms which can be richly found in the compost also make the soil very well aerated throughout. If you own a poor soil where no organisms can be found in it, be rest assured that compost will help you take down the diseases and threatening pests which cause the soil to be lifeless. Compost will also protect the waters in the soil by guarding it against any runoffs.

And because it has the ability to decrease the chance of runoff from happening, compost enhances ravish root systems to the plants. The use of synthetic fertilizers can also be lowered or better, eliminated at its best. Now that good microbes lie in the compost, they help in kicking out the chemical pesticides in the soil. It is also able to withhold water more than other soil could do.

All in all, change to compost as soon as possible for a better result in your plantations! Verily, there a are a lot of benefits from using compost as a catalyst to healthy palm oil to your plantation soil. Happy trying!

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