21st Century Box Up Trend

21st Century Box Up Trend

Decades ago, we used to see lots of conventional or traditional signboard. They used the colours and stickers on long-lasting material. After sometimes, it changes slowly into box signboard. Now it’s the trend. You can see the box up signage almost everything. Starting for the small shop to the mall. Why such changes occur in the signage industry? Well, I presume that the creativity from both parties the clients and makers come in and makers deliver it to the customers. As something new has been put up out there, it gained its attention! Sooner, others want to have the same signage to their construction. That is how things have gone viral and trendy overnight.

Box up signage can be incorporated with other elements to make it even more attractive than the usual box signage. You wonder how? Well, all you got to do is utilise the LED light, metals and stickers to make wonderful signage. Imagine, you use metal as the base of the signage and put the LED light inside together with the transparent stickers on top of the metal. It will sign board stand out among all the shops around the place no matter day or night. It will eventually attract the customers and clients to just pass by and have a glance at your building because of the attractive signage in front of your office.

Moreover, it saves you a lot of costs because you are not using conventional colour and coloured stickers which will fade sooner or later. You are using metal that will not damage easily and the LED light that will make your signage stand out. Most probably you only have to change the LED light after some time.

Lastly, the transparent stickers not going to fade, but you have to consider where you are going to put up your signage because if it faces the sun directly then there are mild chances of your transparent stickers to tear off, but it won’t happen immediately but after 5 to 7 years.…

Do You Really Need To Eat 6 times a day?

Obviously, the common myth is that you need to eat 6 times a day if you are into bodybuilding or fitness lifestyle. In actual fact, you do not have to eat that much daily. Many people always say that you need to eat 6 times every day in order to keep your muscles growing and such. I’m here to tell you that it is not needed at all.

It Depends

Why does it depend whether or not you need to eat 6 times a day? Well, you have to consider your weight and body size. Different body weight and size have different calorie intake. If you spilt your calories with 6 meals a day, you can also do that if you have only 3 meals a day as well. You just have to know that you must meet your calorie intake, doesn’t matter how frequent you eat them.

What is your lifestyle like?

Depending on your daily lifestyle as well, you have to see if you are able to eat 6 times a day or stick to your regualr 3-4 times a day meals. If your current lifestyle does not allow you to eat 6 times a day, then you shouldn’t implement that meal frequency. You should maintain a frequency that suits your current lifestyle. If having 6 times a day meals is too troublesome for you, then don’t do it. Have the regular 3-4 times meals daily instead. Or even 2 meals a day, depending on what you feel like. As long as you are hitting your daily calorie intake, that’s all that matters.


To conclude, whether you are eating 6 times a day or just 3 times a day, it really does not matter. What’s most important is that you are hitting your daily calorie intake. If you are cutting or bulking, or just maintaining, there is a certain amount of calories you have to take daily. Just make sure you are hitting those numbers, and you will be fine. Get some wholesale frozen food supplier singapore wholesale meat singapore to help hit your calorie intake!…

Stay Away From These SEO Mistakes

After years and years of having internet in our daily lives, people started to realize there are patterns in the way search engine machines work. People then started to follow this pattern in optimizing their sites, but somehow the patterns kept changing and getting harder to follow. That’s my friend is the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many experts around the world, including SEO Malaysia, has been competing to make their sites on top pages of search engine results. There are some common pitfalls in implementing SEO, if you own SEO consultant, they might bring these to your attention, but if you don’t, you better pay attention on these SEO mistakes:

  • Duplicate content

Duplicate content means having the same content in more than one web page within the same domain. This confuses the search engine crawlers making them to devalue your site so that your site would not rank highly in search engine result page. Duplicate content can be duplicate posts or even duplicate URL. Some people name their URL inconsistently, making the search bot difficult to distinguish one page to another.

  • Losing focus on content marketing

Content is a critical thing on optimizing your rank. Do not expect that having many backlinks and correct keywords would work if your contents are in poor quality. Search engines now have made content to be a critical role in determining your ranking. So in order to comply with that, you need to put more thought on your content marketing strategy and start providing contents that intrigue people and actually give useful information for them.

  • Poor site structure

Often times, your web developer would build a non SEO-friendly website structure. This is not their fault as they are not SEO expert. But you should learn from this, next time, try to engage in a website agency that has both web developer and SEO expert such as SEO Malaysia. This way, you would get a complete package and avoid hassle in the future.

Above mistakes are often overlooked as a lot of people are more focus in link-building. There are a lot of components in SEO, and everything should be equally maintained.